Certainly we are witnessing unprecedented times…Who would think that a face mask would hang with our car keys?

For many of us the social distance and encouragement to “stay at home” has put us in our gardens more than ever. We hope these additional hours have brought you renewed enthusiasm for floral combinations and design. Floral design is about using what you have to the best of your ability, so we encourage you to get back in your gardens and “play” with what surrounds you. Lambs ear, barberry, clematis vine, seed pods, ferns, hosta and Heuchera can become the base for interesting arrangements. Make a commitment with yourself to try a “miniature” or hone your skills at a hand tied bouquet. The more you work with flowers, the more confidence you will have. Working from your garden will help you appreciate not only color combinations, but also texture and form.

Some Tips for Cutting Your Own Flowers:
Flowers picked early in the morning perform best in a vase, followed by flowers picked in the evening
Pick your flowers before fully mature
Condition flowers for several hours before arranging. Clean tepid water is the norm.
Store flowers in a cool dark place
Keep your tools clean to avoid spread of disease

Take the opportunity of spending more time at home to ponder some of the best sources for learning more about floral design. Here are some books that will definitely inspire you.

The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar
A Year of Flowers and Cut Flower Farm by Erin Benzakein of Floret Farm
In Full Flower by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls
The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis
Styling Nature by Lewis Miller
Cultivated by Christin Geall

There are also some wonderful florists to follow on the web.
Phillipa Craddock, UK Florist, @Philippacraddock.com
Erin Benzakein @Floretfarms.com
Tutorials by Mayesh Wholesale Florists via Youtube.

Your Floral Design Committee Chairs are busy planning creative, interesting floral design workshops for the GCD calendar. They plan to incorporate new trends in floral design while continuing to increase your knowledge of techniques and best practices. Stay tuned for meeting announcements on whether we are able to meet in our normal fashion or if social distancing remains in place.

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