Lets get started by Creating your Florist Toolbox
Having the right supplies for floral arranging organized together will simplify the “doing” when inspiration strikes.

Tool Box (from Home Depot or Michael’s) or canvas bag
Floral Snips (Chikamasa T-600 Almighty Shears)
Pruners (Felco F-2)
Fabric Scissors
Flower Frogs; assorted sizes and styles
Floral Adhesive Clay (for securing frogs to vases and containers)
Floral Stem Wrap
Waterproof Floral Tape
Rubber bands
Chicken Wire
Wire: 26 gauge paddle (spool) wire and precut stem wire
Wired Picks
Water Tubes: prefer tubes with stem
Rose Snipper
floral buckets
Lazy Susan or a large round cork mat….anything that will allow you to rotate your floral design as you work
straight corsage pins
glue gun
lighter (for sealing stems)
Ribbon, raffia

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