History of
The Garden Club
of Denver

Garden Club of Denver History

Founded in 1916…

to promote interest in gardening, in the naturalization of Rocky Mountain flora, and in civic planting

1991 Club established a Wild Flower Preserve on Genesee Mountain. Project helped to focus attention on the necessity of securing a Botanic Garden in the Rocky Mountain Region.

1920  Elected to the Garden Club of America.

1921  Active in printing fliers on conservation distributed in Denver Public Schools and efforts were made to eliminate billboards.

1922  Establishment of the Art Museum’s Chappell House Garden.

1925 Minutes of Club recorded: “Mrs. Waring spoke of her hope that the Roman Catholic Cemetery near Cheeseman Park could be obtained for a Botanic Garden and Arboretum.” She felt we might use our influence to this end.

1934 Meeting of botanists and local college lead to plan for establishment of a Botanic Garden. Meeting called by the Garden Club of Denver.

1938  City built a Garden Center on the Platte River at Alameda and Santa Fe. Members of The Garden Club gave of their time and money towards the center.

1939  A garden was established in Central City between the Teller House and the Opera House. The garden was maintained by the Garden Club of Denver from 1939 to 1958.

1946 Horticulture House, headquarters of the Colorado Forestry and Horticulture Assoc. presented to the association by Mrs. John Evans of The Garden Club of Denver. Mmes. Barbour, Garrey, McLister, Perry and Waring were on the Executive Committee of the Association. Mrs. Evans was President.

1951  February 3, 1951, the Certificate of Incorporation of Denver Botanic Gardens Foundation was signed by its incorporators. Two of them, Mrs. John Evans and Mrs. George Garrey, were members of The Garden Club of Denver. Mrs. Evans was made President of the Board and Mmes. Garrey, Waring and Barbour were members of the Board.

1952  Mrs. John Evans donated the money for a master plan for the Gardens prepared by Mr. S. R. DeBoer.

1953  Mrs. Hubert Work, a member of the Garden Club of Denver, left a legacy of $10,000 to establish an Endowment Fund for the Denver Botanic Gardens Foundation.

1954  It was moved by Mrs. Weckbaugh, seconded and carried that the Denver Botanic Gardens be made the main project of The Garden Club of Denver.

1956 The Garden Club of America presented Mrs. John Evans the Amy Angell Collier Montague Medal for Civic Achievement in the field of horticulture for her work on behalf of the Denver Botanic Gardens.

1958 Mrs. James Waring donated $55,000 for the purchase of headquarters house on the corner of Ninth and York. Members of The Garden Club participated through personal donations and volunteered time to raise a matching gift.

1963 Boettcher Foundation donated funds for a conservatory. Mrs. Waring donated $100,000 to provide a greenhouse.

1965  Mrs. George Garrey and Mrs. James Waring receive Garden Club of America Award of Merit in the fields of horticulture and civic achievements in Colorado.

1966  Mrs. George Garrey was presented a Lowestoft copy of the GCA 50th anniversary bowl to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Garden Club of Denver, in appreciation for her GCD history, Blossoming Years.

1970 Club voted to assume planning and installation of plantings in Lobby Court of Botanic Gardens. Mrs. Willett Moore organized horticulture seminars for young gardeners.

1973 Garden Club of Denver voted to finance the restoration and development of the Hammer Garden in the Botanic Gardens. The GCA Club Medal of Merit was awarded to Mrs. Willett S. Moore for exceptional contribution in horticulture, conservation, civic achievement or leadership within area of recipient’s club.

1975  Design of garden in 9th Street Park area (the Smedley House) in association with Historic Denver, Inc.

1976  The Zone XI Conservation Award was presented to Mrs. Albert Coleman for creating in 1967 the Northwoods Foundation with her 320 acres, which then formed the Clear Creek Land Conservation easement. (Three other parcels followed and the total acreage is 700 acres.)

1977  Harriet Kelly proposed to beautify the Westwood Community Housing Project. The Boys Clubs of Denver constructed window boxes. Gardens for the Westwood project have since flourished, thanks to Mrs. George J. M. Kelly.

1978  Thanks to a generous gift from Mrs. Raymond Sargent, the Garden Club of Denver voted to develop the Home Demonstration Garden. Randy Randolph was chosen to be the designer. Mrs. Thomas Taplin was chairman of the project. Mrs. William C. Jackson developed the plant list and Mrs. Edward P. Connors was responsible for obtaining the furniture. A Special Recognition Award was made to Garden Club of Denver at the Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama for the plant Aquilegia saximontana. Special recognition was given to Gloria Falkenburg for GCD’s plants at the May Zone XI meeting in Winnetka, Illinois.

1982  The Zone XI Horticulture Award was presented to Mrs. William C. Jackson, Jr.

1983  “Table Settings,” a successful fundraiser, was held at the Denver Botanic Gardens in conjunction with Tiffany & Company and the Garden Club of Denver. Proceeds went to the Denver Botanic Gardens.

1984  Garden Club members took a tour of Denver’s Lower Downtown Historic District and became aware of the need to become involved in historic preservation.

1985  The Greening of Denver Steering Committee formed to raise money to benefit the Denver Botanic Gardens and Historic Denver, Inc. The GCA Club Medal of Merit was awarded to Mrs. Thomas E. Taplin for exceptional contribution in horticulture, conservation, civic achievement or leadership within area of recipient’s club.

1987  The Greening of Denver, a fund-raising event held at the Ice House for the benefit of Creekfront Park and Denver Botanic Gardens. $24,000 was raised! A prior commitment to Denver Botanic Gardens for signage was met. Ed Connors became a GCA Member at Large.

1988  The Greening of Denver, the second year of the successful fund raising event, was held. $28,000 was raised for Creekfront Park, Denver Botanic Gardens, and Historic Denver. Mrs. Thomas E. Taplin was President of the DBG Board of Trustees.

1989  The Garden Club of Denver produced “Flowers and Art,” a GCA small flower show, at the Denver Art Museum. Proceeds went to the Art Museum and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Best of Show won by Mary Schaefer and her mother, Nancy Schlosser.

1990  “Flowers and Art,” second year of the Garden Club of America small flower show. Received the GCA Small Flower Show Award. Best of Show won by Susan Sheridan. The Harriet DeWaele Puckett Creativity Award won by Debbie Davis. Proceeds went to the Art Museum and the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Angela Overy founded the School of Botanical Illustration at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

1991  The Garden Club of Denver celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a luncheon in Denver Botanic Garden’s Home Demonstration Garden.

1992  Creekfront Park was completed and dedicated in October through the efforts of Mel Grant and many others.

1993  “Flowers and Art” was held as a non-GCA flower show to benefit the Denver Art Museum, where it was held, and the Denver Botanic Gardens. The GCA Club Horticulture Certificate of Acknowledgement for Non- members was awarded to Mr. Rob Proctor in recognition of his dedication to horticulture and his ability to encourage others by sharing his knowledge with wit, energy and enthusiasm.

1994  The Garden Club of America presented Panayoti Kelaidis, Curator, Plant Collections, Denver Botanic Gardens, the Florens De Bevoise Award for achievement with rock garden plants. The Medal was presented at the GCA Annual Meeting.

1995  Flowers and Art was a successful GCA small flower show at the Denver Art Museum, benefitting the Museum and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Awards received were Ann Lyon Crammond Award (education) and Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Award (conservation) for the exhibit “Four Steps to a Beautiful Garden/Planet Wise Planting”; Catherine Beattie Medal and Best in Show for Horticulture to Marilyn Wilson; Harriet DeWaele Puckett Creativity Award and Best in Show for Flower Arranging to Angela Overy and Marilyn Wilson; Judges’ Commendation for Miniature Rock Garden, Pinaceae, and A Gift to the Gods classes. The Garden Club of Denver contributed $5,000 to the Denver Botanic Gardens’ capital campaign.

1996  Mt. Goliath Project adopted. This partnership with the Denver Botanic Gardens and U.S. Forest Service is a three-year commitment to improve the trail and provide educational and conservation materials and experiences.

1997  The Zone XII Horticulture Arts Award for Non-members was awarded to Anne Ophelia Douden.

1998  In September of 1998, we hosted the National GCA Conservation and NAL committees. Tinka Kurtz chaired this committee.

The Garden Club of Denver gave $1,502 to Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado for trail building on Mt. Goliath.

Glass slides made in the late 1930’s by the Garden Club of Denver, of gardens in the Denver area, were given to the Western History Division of the Denver Public Library. 35mm slide copies were made of the glass slides.

The Horticulture Arts Award was presented to Mrs. Hugh R. Overy for special achievement in the field of Horticulture Arts, awarded only in Zone XII.

1999  The Mt. Goliath Project was a finalist for the 1999 GCA Founders Fund Award. Chairmen Jane Davis, Shirley Johnson and Carol Schutz guided club efforts to establish new and improved trails, signage, revegetation, a universally accessible rock alpine garden, a wild flower brochure, and 3 years of docent training and guided tours for the public.

The $5,000 award received from a 2nd place finish in Founders’ Fund would be given to the Denver Botanic Gardens designated for Mt. Goliath for educational materials.

The Garden Club of Denver made additional donations to the Denver Botanic Gardens in the amount of $3,952.43 for a summer intern on Mt. Goliath and the wildflower brochure and Bristlecone Pine insert.

In-Club Award to B. J. Dyer for his outstanding contribution in flower arranging education.

The Garden Club of America presented Angela Overy the Eloise Payne Luquer Medal for special achievement in the field of Botany. The medal was presented at the GCA Annual Meeting.

2000  Box Canyon in City Park was restored and revitalized as a millennium gift to the City of Denver. Box Canyon was designed by S.R. De Boer in 1953 as part of the original Denver Botanic Gardens. Its waterway and indigenous plants, in a 500 square foot space evoke a mountain canyon. Committee chairman Libby Idema and President Barbara Baldwin coordinated efforts among the Garden Club of Denver, Denver Urban Gardens, Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and The Park People. Ginny Freyer and Tinka Kurtz chaired a fund-raising event with former U.S. Senator Tim Wirth, raising almost $20,000 for the project.

A donation of $2,000 was made to the Denver Botanic Gardens to assist with changes being made to the gardens.

The Garden Club of Denver purchased and gave to the Denver Botanic Gardens’ library a two-volume set entitled “Gardens of Colony and State.” This is considered the best reference for gardens in the colonies and the republic.

2001  This year is our 85th Anniversary! In celebration of Denver Botanic Garden’s 50th Anniversary, $5,000 was given to the Horticulture Department.

$8,000 was given to Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado as the Garden Club of Denver’s donation to the Mt. Goliath Nature Center building.

A successful dinner and auction were held in February at the new Gates Hall, Denver Botanic Gardens, chaired by Susan Sheridan and Baba Brooks Owen, raising almost $21,000.

Colorado wildflower gift cards printed from photographs taken by Angela Overy and note cards printed from the Club’s collection of glass slides representing Denver’s historic gardens and Colorado landscapes were produced for sale. Money from the sales benefited community, education and conservation projects.

The GCA Club Medal of Merit was awarded to Mrs. Theodore B. Washburne for her contributions of exceptional merit in the fields of horticulture, conservation and civic achievement.

The GCA Club Conservation Certificate of Acknowledgment to Non-Members was awarded to Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado for their outstanding contributions to the conservation of Colorado’s public lands.

“A World Within the Gates,” a GCA small flower show was held in September at the Denver Botanic Gardens as a tribute to the Gardens celebrating its 50th birthday. The flower, horticulture and photography show was presented by the Garden Club of Denver and the Broadmoor Garden Club and was chaired by Sissy Gibson and Marilyn Wilson. Awards given: Judges Commendations were 1) The Photography Section, 2) the Pave Class, Horticulture, 3) Staging, 4) Asian treasures, Flower Arranging, 5) Garden Harvest, Horticulture; Ann Lyon Crammond Award to Denver Botanic Gardens for the Lobby Court display and Dorothy Vietor Munger Award to Julia King Dobbins. Best in show were: Horticulture, Angela Overy; Photography, Angela Overy and Flower Arranging, Susie Sheridan. Almost $12,000 was raised from the show and was designated to the Mt. Goliath Nature Center for educational materials.

2002  “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?” – a dinner and open lecture/slide presentation by world renowned wildlife photographers, David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton was held at the Denver Country Club. This successful evening was chaired by Susie Sheridan and Carol Tierney. Approximately $8,500 was raised and designated for our garden project at Four Mile Historic Park.

A copy of David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton’s book “Witness: Endangered Species in North America” was purchased for the Denver Botanic Gardens’ library.

The GCA Zone XII Civic Improvement Certificate of Acknowledgment for Non-Members was presented to Carolyn & Don Etter for their vision, dedication, and on-going contributions to preserve and protect the Denver Park System.

The GCA Club Civic Improvement Certificate of Acknowledgment for Non-Members was presented to Denver Urban Gardens for their outstanding contribution to the improvement of Denver’s neighborhoods and communities. Michael Buchenau and Davis Rieseck, Executive Directors accepted the Certificate.

The GCA Club Flower Arrangement Achievement Certificate was presented to Mrs. Warren Sheridan for her outstanding talents in all areas of flower arranging and for her generosity for sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

2003  Co-sponsored with other local garden clubs a lecture, by Lauren Springer, on drought tolerant gardening at the Denver Botanic Gardens. $3000 was donated to Plant Asia at the Gardens.

Participated in the GCA Partners for Plants project in New Mexico, mapping and harvesting the medicinal herb, Osha. Project was chaired by Mrs. William Sinclaire.

The GCA Club Conservation Certificate of Acknowledgement for Non-Members was awarded to Shirley and Kent Johnson for their outstanding contribution in the promotion of education for conservation and the stewardship of natural places.

The GCA Club Medal of Merit was presented to Mrs. William C. Jackson, Jr. for her personal dedication and ongoing contribution to the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Herb Society and the Garden Club of Denver. Lainie was also awarded the prestigious Denver Botanic Gardens’ Pete Peterson Award by DBG recognizing her 43 years of volunteer service.

The Garden Club of Denver gave $2,000 to Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado for the Mt. Goliath Nature Center Building.

The Garden Club of Denver made a donation of $18,505.17 to the Denver Botanic Gardens for Mt. Goliath for interpretation, signage and landscaping. This came from previous fund- raisers and the Founders Fund Award. This brings the dollar amount of the Garden Club of Denver’s donations for Mt. Goliath to $43,786.

“The Fine Art of Flower Arranging” by the Garden Club of America was purchased for the Denver Botanic Gardens’ library.

2004  A Photography class was added to the June Annual Meeting schedule.

Phase I of initial planting at Four Mile Historic Park was completed. The major funding for the plans and planting was provided by a $25,000 gift by an anonymous member. Courtney Marsters and Peggy Martin were instrumental in implementing the plans.

Panayoti Kelaidis was accepted by GCA as a Member at Large.

A GCA anniversary bowl that belonged to Mrs. Alonzo Lilly was given to the club by her granddaughter. The use has not yet been established.

The Zone XII Civic Improvement Award was presented to Bea Taplin in recognition of her unwavering encouragement and support of Rocky Mountain horticulture and creative improvement of the community through educational and garden projects.

The GCD Club Conservation Award was given to Joanne Sinclaire for her work on Mt. Goliath and the Partners for Plants project on Osha in Chama, NM.

There were three trips planned by members. Bonnie Grenney led a trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show and a trip to Aspen. Lynn Blair and Knobby Brown led a trip to Santa Fe. All were a success.

2005  A Lecture and workshop “Using the Camera as a Garden Tool” was presented by Charles Mann at DBG as a fundraiser. We realized a profit of $1,081.21.

Landscaping in the amount of $14,095.33 was installed at Four Mile Historic Park.

At the 2004 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., Daniel Milarch was honored for his work in the Champion Tree Project. He presented a Methuselah bristle cone pine clone to GCA. GCA in turn gave the tree to DBG.

Mary Schaefer chaired the DBG Plant Preview Party for the DBG May Plant Sale. Mary Elliman and Bonnie Grenney chaired the Fete des Fleurs.

This was the last year of the Partner’s for Plants Ligusticum porterii (Osha) project at Chama, N.M.

Lead by Barbie Rumsey and Jennifer Mandelson 13 ladies and 1son went to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. This completed the study of 8 National Parks, which were visited with follow up articles written by our members.

We gave $1,000 to DBG to help defray the cost of new boilers.

Angela Overy designed the beautiful scarf for the 2006 GCA Annual Meeting, which will be in Denver 2006.

The GCA Club Medal of Merit was awarded to Mrs. Dennis E. Baldwin in recognition of her exceptional contributions and inspiration locally and nationally in the fields of conservation, civic achievement, horticulture, and leadership.

2006  This is the 90th year of the Garden Club of Denver.

Angela Overy did botanical illustrations for the educational material to be displayed at the Dos Chappell Nature Center on Mt. Goliath.

Judy Elliott of Denver Urban Gardens was presented with the GCA Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award of $1,000 for her educational work with inner city youth. She organized a youth run Farmer’s Market at Fairview Elementary School.

Lindsay Dodge will be the Zone XII Public Relations Rep for 2006-2008.

The 2006 GCA Annual Meeting was held in Denver. Two of the four co-chairs were from our club, Jane Davis and Sheilagh Hudon. It was a fabulous success with club members participating in many roles. The Zone XII Civic Improvement Award was presented to Joanne Sinclaire in honor of her three years of dedicated service and leadership for the GCA Partnership for Plants Osha research project in Chama, N.M. The club received the GCA Zone Conservation Award, a collaborative project of the Broadmoor GC, Carmel-by-the-sea GC, GC of Denver, Santa Fe GC and Woodside Atherton GC. “In recognition of a significant project in the Rio Grande National Forest to benefit a rare medicinal herb ‘Ligusticum, porteri’, Osha.”

The Garden Club of America presented Sydney Macy the Cynthia Pratt Laughlin Award for outstanding achievement in environmental protection and maintenance of quality of life. The award was presented at the GCA Annual Meeting.

The GCA Zone XII Annual Meeting made donations totaling $50,866.84 to the following organizations:

$25,000 to GCA for the Cudahy Fund for future Annual Meetings $10,000 to GCA for Interchange Fellowship/McLaren Scholarship $10,000 to DBG
$ 2,000 to Greenway Foundation

$ 2,000 to National Parks Conservation Association $ 1,000 to Nature Conservancy $ 866.84 to the 2007 Zone XII Presidents’ Council

2007  In February we held an Auction “Hidden Talents, Hidden Treasures” in Gates Hall at DBG. We raised $19,800. We pledged $14,000 to the DBG Green Roof for plant material. An additional anonymous, unrestricted gift of $3,000 is also pledged to the Green Roof.

The GCA Club Conservation Commendation Acknowledgement for Non-members was awarded to Mr. Mark Fusco in recognition and appreciation of his conservation of alpine flora a creation of high-altitude gardens that enhance the Nature Center at Mt. Goliath.

The Garden Design Committee designed and installed decorations for the 2007 Denver Antique Show, “In an English Garden”.

The Conservation Committee hosted a “Tea and Toxic Trash” event.

Four Mile Historic Park – The gift tree from GCA, Bur Oak was planted. Angela Overy did the illustration for the memorial plaque. The remaining $6,071 was donated to future maintenance and the Children’s Heritage Garden.

Purchased LCD Projector for $821.50.
Bonnie Grenney organized garden trips to Philadelphia and Charleston.

Establishment of the “Little Bouquet Fund” to enable GCD to send flowers to members and/or a member’s family for any reason.

The GCA Club Conservation Award was presented to Knobby Brown in recognition of her dedication and long-standing commitment to completing the interpretive exhibit at Mt. Goliath which provides conservation education.

2008  The Denver Botanic Gardens remained our top priority this year. Mark Fusco installed the xeric plant material funded by GCD for the Green Roof. We also pledged $5,000 to the DBG Capital Campaign for the new cutting garden.

The Conservation Committee organized a field trip to the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation in Fort Collins.

Courtney Marsters will be the Zone XII Horticulture Committee Representative for 2008-2010.

The GCA Zone XII Conservation Award was presented to Knobby Brown in recognition of her dedication and long- standing commitment to completing the interpretive exhibit at Mt. Goliath, providing conservation education to the public.

The GCA Club Appreciation Award was presented to Bonnie Grenney in recognition of her dedicated and sustained participation in activities within the Garden Club of Denver and other related groups.

GCA Special Birthday Citations were given to Barbara Moore, Anne Weckbaugh and Prue Grant for having celebrated their 90th birthdays and for their many years of dedication to the Garden Club of Denver: 56, 58 and 46 years respectively.

Jane Davis and Sheilagh Hudon were both awarded the GCA Club Medal of Merit for having co-chaired the 2006 GCA Annual Meeting.

2009  The Bylaws, Policies and Articles of Incorporation were revised and updated.

The in-house flower show was moved from the annual meeting in June to September.

The quarterly newsletter was redesigned and sent out electronically and printed for those without email.

Meg Nichols and Ann Crammond designed a very professional website.

The GCA Centennial Tree Project, commemorating the Centennial Anniversary of GCA in 2013, was developed. GCD’s project is 3 Trees and a River. Study of 3 Colorado native trees & the Platte River will produce a project benefiting Chatfield Arboretum.

Our members raised over $100,000 for naming rights for the new cutting garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens to be named Lainie’s Cutting Garden after our own, Lainie Jackson.

Floral arrangements were made for DBG at the Waring House and the Lobby Court. Members also arranged flowers for the Birdhaus Bash and the Fete des Fleurs. In the fall we decorated the pots in the Romantic Garden with dried arrangements for the winter garden.

Three of our members are members of the DBG Board of Trustees. Overall our members have given over 1000 volunteer hours at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Kelly Grummond was presented with a GCA Club Award for his excellence in the field of Horticulture and Garden Design.

2010  Garden Club of Denver website (www.gardenclubofdenver.com) introduced and utilized by all committees for information to club members.

Put on In-house Flower Show at DBG in September, 2009, with GCA judges. Donated $2500 to Denver Botanic Gardens from monies raised at the Flower Show. Began plans for the 2011 Flower Show in June, 2011, chaired by Bonnie Grenney and Lindsay Dodge.

Held clinics for Photography, Flower Arranging and Horticulture at 3 different general meetings to ease the anxiety of entering flower shows.

Continued with GCA Centennial Tree Project – 3 Trees and a River at DBG at Chatfield. Planting of cottonwood whips with students of Gilpin School through the Cottonwood Institute, an environmental education program.

Continued our support of DBG with weekly floral arrangements in the Waring House and the new Visitors Center. Also arranged flowers for the Fete des Fleurs. In the Fall we decorated pots in the Romantic Garden with dried arrangements for the winter garden.

Monty Kugeler, our treasurer, changed the accounting system to ‘fund accounting’ used by most non- profits, giving a clearer picture of the operations of GCD.

2011  First Garden Club of Denver members’ retreat held in September. Topics discussed included our ongoing relationships with GCA and DBG, membership participation, programs and workshops, new member cultivation and the length and timing of meetings.

The evolution of our website continued, with more interactive features, consistent committee pages and ever-changing content. The website calendar was updated to include meetings, workshops and cutting garden and flower arranging scheduling. Committee chairs became more used to contributing information and meeting details. Helen Boyd has done a masterful job of bringing the club along.

The Three Trees and a River Committee propagated cottonwoods at Chatfield with the Cottonwood Institute and West Denver Prep Charter School students as part of the GCA Centennial project, Three Trees and a River.

Our fruitful relationship with the Denver Botanic Gardens continues, with members working in the Lainie Jackson Cutting Garden and arranging flowers for the Visitors’ Center, Waring House and Fete des Fleurs. Three of our members continue to serve as Life, Emeritus and term trustees of the DBG Board of Trustees. Finally, Denver Botanic Gardens graciously put their facilities and staff at the disposal of the Garden Club of Denver for the 2011 Power of Flowers Show and Nancy Clarke Luncheon.

With the generous underwriting of GCD member Bea Taplin and the Denver Botanic Gardens, the club hosted a floriferous seated luncheon for 250 in Mitchell Hall to kick off the Power of Flowers Show in June, 2011. It featured Nancy Clarke, former White House floral arranger through six presidencies. For the entire previous year, the membership, under the leadership of Lindsay Dodge and Bonnie Grenney, worked tirelessly to produce the stunning flower show that followed. Twelve GCA Special Awards were given, as well as eight Judges’ Commendations. Other highlights of the show: a Three Trees and a River-themed conservation exhibit that was awarded both the Ann Lyons Crammond and Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Conservation Awards; a special children’s class entitled “Kid Power: Grow Your Own Salad”; and a Men’s Challenge Class during the Preview Party, which made up in silliness what it may have lacked in technique. Once again, we could not have done this show without the generosity and commitment of the Denver Botanic Gardens.

The history of GCD with DBG was documented.

2012  There was a terrific blend this year of GCA, local and homegrown talent to edify our members. After an extremely successful GCA Flower Show and Luncheon the previous June, we all needed a year to rest and recharge.

We brought in two GCA speakers – Jane Kilduff on botanical jewelry and Gay Estes, helping to lead the charge in GCA for garden and landscape photography. Local speakers included Clifford Spencer from Mesa Verde, Craig Miller from Parker Water and Dyana Furmansky on Rosalie Edge, an early conservationist. Our own talented panel of expert horticulturists presented at the May meeting. Workshops and study groups were led by Wendy White (vegetable growing), Janet Manning (roses) and Bonnie Grenney (holiday arrangements). Our chairs presented great propagation workshops in Hort and a fascinating and timely talk by representatives from Denver Water and the Forest Service on wildfire mitigation, in addition to several well-subscribed flower arranging sessions.

The Garden Club’s involvement with the Denver Botanic gardens is ongoing. We now have three members and one apprentice member serving on the board as trustees. Work in the Lainie Jackson Cutting Garden is now scheduled weekly, multiple flower arrangements are made for the Waring House and Lobby Court during the growing season, the holiday dried arrangements in the Romantic Garden were reinstated this year and the Garden Club of Denver once again managed the entire process of floral design for the Fete de Fleurs.

The Three Trees and a River Centennial Project is winding down this year. The final piece will be an October fundraiser at the Chatfield barn to help raise money for the new native garden at the Chatfield Visitors Center. There will be an Oklahoma-style picnic basket silent auction and live music.

The evolution of the GCD website continues. Helen Boyd is a fabulous web mistress and the committee chairs worked hard this year to keep content fresh and calendar information up-to- date.

2013  With an underlying theme of Living the Garden Life, the year began with hosting the Broadmoor Garden Club at St. Anne School. Other summer celebrations included a couple of well- attended field trips: to Mt. Goliath and to Cindy Scott’s bee hive building in Boulder. Fete décor co-chairs Mary Schaefer and Amy Slothower took the event to a whole new height with their inspired designs for DBG’s annual Fundraiser.

In September, an In-Club Flower Show titled The Bodacious Garden sported some 75 entries competing for various GCD trophies. For the first time, there were multiple winners in several classes. Special guest, Marilyn Brumder, Zone XII GCA Director, joined us for this Fall kick-off. In October, Sissy Gibson and Wendy White attended the Shirley Meneice Workshop in Austin, Texas. Our November program featured Dr. Eric Haskell who delivered a lively presentation on Vaux le Vicomte to the Denver Community at DBG. This effort was the direct result of personal contributions to the Speaker’s Challenge Grant, initiated by Immediate Past President, Mary Elliman, the summer before. Rounding out the calendar year was a festive Reindeer workshop and breakfast meeting to ring- in the holidays.

Spring meetings and workshops were equally educational.

Of special note was the panel discussion held at History Colorado in February on the controversial topic of Fracking. Carol Griesemer and Cindy Scott represented GCD at the 2013 Conservation/NAL meeting in Washington DC. A melodic, pictorial presentation was held in April by renowned local photographer, John Fielder. May found us delving into green buildings with a lecture and guided tour of Kent Denver’s new Dining Hall.

Workshop highlights for the year included: Abstract Design 101; Planting containers at Timberline Gardens with Kelly Grummons; Taking pictures with I phones and I pads; a Penstemon tour at the home of Mike Kintgen and a trip to High Country Roses.

In addition to improving our minds, we spent lots of time improving our community, DBG specifically. At least 160 hours were spent in Lainie’s Cutting Garden and some 105 hours were logged doing floral arrangements, plus another 40 hours for the Blossoms of Light outdoor holiday arrangements.

We retired our GCD Centennial Tree Project—Three Trees & A River with a Fall supper-basket fling at Chatfield Barn, raising $5000 for a donation to DBG for the Lauren Springer garden at the Visitor entrance.

On a national level, Angela Overy designed an extraordinary watercolor map for the GCA Horticulture Committee, showcasing all 23,500 trees planted by GCA’s 200 member clubs in honor of GCA’s Centennial.

At the Annual Meeting in June, with GCA Honorary Members Ed Connors and Panayoti in attendance, the yearly GCD awards were conveyed. Barbara Tuffli, Zone XII Hort Rep. traveled from California to personally deliver a commendation to Angela Overy from the GCA Hort Committee for her work on the GCA Tree Map. Two special citations were given to Knobby Brown and Tinka Kurtz, acknowledging their 50th Anniversaries in the Garden Club of Denver.

Finally, in the realm of technology, we accomplished major enhancements to the GCD website, along with creating a monthly E-Newsletter for our Garden Club of Denver members.

2014  Continuing our theme of “Living the Garden Life,” the year was full of garden and garden-like experiences. We began with a commitment to try out the “new” GCA flower show template, where each division is offered solely by itself as a “show.” In June, we featured Floral Design, in September, we presented Hort, and in November, we showcased Photography.

Our programs were varied and balanced between interesting conservation, photography, floral design and Hort topics. Some highlights included Dr. Patty Limerick, from the American Center for the West who spoke on “The City, The West & Water in Denver; ” Lynn Hoffman-Brouse who spoke on the “How To’s of Flower Photography,” A local panel who addressed “Gardening for Children—The Schools, Non-profits & Foundations which support them”, “Backyard Chicken Keeping” with Sundari Kraft; Artistic Floral Headpieces, created by Arthur Williams of Babylon Floral; All about Roses by Matt Douglas from High County Roses and “Spirituality in the Garden” with Dr. Edward Antonio, from the Iliff School of Theology.

Barb Hammond represented us at the 2013 Fall Shirley Meneice conference, held this year in Washington D.C., while Bar Chadwick and Ann Crammond also travelled to Washington to represent us at the 2014 NAL Meeting in the Spring.

Workshop highlights included a Hort training on Penstemon Propagation by Mike Kintgen, and an Air- Layering class by Kelly Grummons. We also experienced lots of floral design fun decorating Fall Holiday Pumpkins and creating Easter arrangements in the Spring. Conservation lectures challenged our minds with the “Pros & Cons of Genetically Engineered Crops” and “The Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on the Environment.”

Close to 1000 volunteer hours were logged participating in various DBG meetings projects and events. This included DBG Board and Garden Conservation Committee meetings, working in the Cutting Garden, doing weekly floral Arrangements at Waring House and the Visitor Center. In honor of the Fete, our members learned how to “hand-tie” bouquets with BJ Dyer, before creating luscious floral arrangements. Finally, in May, the Plant Sale Preview Party posted record ticket sales for the 3rd year in a row.

Our website continued to thrive, with the addition of many new, helpful tabs of information, pictures and reports. The monthly GCD e- Newsletter kept us all in touch, with great feedback from members and GCA Zone XII officials alike.

On a national level, Angela Overy designed an artistic rendering of the 20 Freeman Medal Winners to date, in honor of the 20th Anniversary of this award. GCA printed special notecards featuring her bouquet.

Research was begun on a possible Centennial Project that might commemorate GCD’s 100th Birthday in 2016. The two overarching themes being considered are Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Colorado’s National Parks & Monuments.

Sadly, long-time GCD member Dusty Smith passed away in the Spring.

The Bi-Annual Zone XII Meeting was held in Pasadena, CA with Janet Manning, Bonnie Grenney and Lindsay Dodge in attendance. BJ Dyer received the distinguished Mary Drake Freer Award for his “outstanding achievement and contributions in the field of flower arranging.”

Muffie Dahlberg and Janet Manning represented our Club at the GCA Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Lindsay Dodge was asked to serve as the 2014-2016 Zone XII Admissions Rep.

Finally, our Club enjoyed many celebrations this year. Among them, Bonnie Grenney received her official GCA Judgeship in Floral Design; Missy Eliot was appointed as GCA Flower Show Treasurer; The DBG Ellipse Garden was dedicated in honor of Nancy Schotters, and GCD honored Bea Taplin on the occasion of her 90th Birthday!

2015 As the Garden Club of Denver approaches its 100th anniversary, plans are being made to celebrate this momentous occasion. Our theme for the year, “Our Journey Through the Garden,” reminds us to learn from the past, enjoy the present and look to the future – something to keep in mind as we look to the year ahead.

After some months of research into possible centennial projects, the club voted in October to pursue a project with the National Park Service, also celebrating their 100th anniversary in 2016, and the History Colorado Center. The project will help the 35,000 3rd and 4th graders who visit HCC yearly to learn more about the rich history and culture of the national parks and inspire them by their natural beauty so that they will, in the future, become stewards of these parks for years to come. Plans are underway to raise $25,000 from our members to support this project to celebrate our 100th year.

The GCD has a new website, due to the great work of the Website Task Force, headed by Amy Quinn, and then implemented by new web mistresses, Mary Elliman and Amy Mower. The new site enables the club to have both a public presence and the ability to have a secure “members only” section. We have also begun to use “Sign Up Genius” to keep track of our volunteer commitments.

The theme of this year’s in-club flower shower was “Butterflies, Bees and Blooms: The Power of Pollination,” in keeping with GCA’s emphasis on “The Year of the Pollinator.” We have also been participating in a “citizen science” project by monitoring activity of native bees in locations through the area. 45 members have signed up to help with this project, which is sponsored by the University of Colorado.

Long-time GCD member and DBG volunteer, Lainie Jackson, was honored by the Gardens this year with the designation of the Horticulture Volunteer of the Year Award in her name. Congratulations, Lainie!

2016  The major focus for the Garden Club of Denver was the celebration of our Centennial in 2016 – a momentous occasion indeed! The club chose to mark this milestone with a gift to the community that involved both the National Park Service, which also celebrated its 100th anniversary, and History Colorado. We developed a series of four videos for third and fourth graders, one on each of the national parks in Colorado. We also produced a large Colorado map for classroom use as well as lesson plans for teachers. With 30-40,000 students visiting the History Colorado Center (HCC) each year, this will provide an amazing opportunity for them to learn about our national parks with the goal that they will become future stewards of them. This gift to the community received 100% financial support from our members and we raised a total of $42,625. We also got a few small grants to publish additional maps for teachers who might not be able to visit HCC in person.

Various aspects of the GCD’s history were highlighted throughout the year, with a number of presentations given at General Meetings. The theme of our Annual Meeting Flower Show was “Full Tilt Centennial: Celebrate the Past, Present, and Future” and celebrate we did, with a very special luncheon and a power point of photos that brought back fond memories.

We began the year with a field trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, where we visited the park greenhouses. This was the impetus for a Partners for Plants (P4P) project this year. Club members helped to revegetate a campground site in April and June. We will partner with the Broadmoor Garden Club for a third planting day in September.

One of our special programs this year featured Dr. Diana Wall, a soil ecologist and environmental scientist and Director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability from CSU. Staff members from the DBG Hort and Research departments joined us to learn more about “Soil Biodiversity: Critical Forces for a Common Ground.” We collaborated with the Denver Art Museum to do a floral arrangement in conjunction with their “In Bloom” exhibit in September and we continued our involvement with the Bees Needs citizen science project.

Meg Caley of Sprout City Farms was presented with the Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Award of $1,000 for her educational work with youth at the Denver Green School and Sprout City Farms.

Marilyn Wilson received the GCA Club Horticulture Award in honor and appreciation for her Horticulture leadership and for all that she generously shares with the GCD.

Angela Overy received the Zone XII Horticulture Award in recognition for her knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic contributions to the world of horticulture in The Garden Club of America and the community beyond.

Missy Eliot was accepted into the GCA Judging Program as a prospective Horticulture Judge. Lindsay Dodge will be Zone XII Chair for 2016-2018. Cindy Scott will be Zone XII Conservation/NAL Representative for 2016-2018. Janet Manning will be the GCA Vice Chair for Partners for Plants (P4P) for 2016-2018.

2017  Building on our theme of “Loving the Garden”, from our national parks to our own backyard, 2017 was a stellar year.

We kicked off the year at Chatfield Farms in July, sharing with our guests from Broadmoor Garden Club, an overview by Larry Vickerman of the transformation of Chatfield.

Our “Loving the Garden” focus moved to a spectacular P4P project in Rocky Mountain National Park, with our sister club, the Broadmoor Garden Club. Twenty-three members strong, we collected the seeds of western wheatgrass, a native species not found widely around the park. We had our portrait taken at the edge of Mills Lake, Longs Peak as the backdrop. Our fall GCA Real Dirt article described well our dedication to our P4P project.

GCD volunteers for the Fete des Fleurs was strong. We executed a spectacular design, contemporary Victorian, for a successful event.


We celebrated in GCD style the culmination of our two-year Centennial Celebration Project. What a fabulous party with our partners we had at Four Mile Historic Park! Complete with proclamations from the Governor and the Mayor, proclaiming October 13, 2016 Garden Club of Denver Day, we recognized and toasted all the hard work which went into this birthday present to ourselves and to Colorado.

Our four videos of Colorado National Parks are permanently on view in the We (heart) Rocky Mountain National Park exhibit in Colorado Stories on Level 2 of the museum. The teacher classroom map has ongoing distribution at all Colorado national parks and monuments and at all History Colorado museums, and the teacher resource website is up for use.

Our programs this year knocked it out of the park.

T.A. Barron shared his RMNP photographs and lifelong commitment to conservation at our September meeting; Arthur Williams taught us how to Think Outside the Box when it comes to alternative floral design ideas; John Weller, filmmaker, photographer and author dazzled us with his recounting of work for designating the Ross Sea in Antarctica a marine protected area; Carol Kastler of Camelot Design presented “Tips and Ideas to apply to plan combinations, creating visual flow and lowering maintenance”; Nicola Ripley, ED of the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens regaled us on the beauty of Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, the world’s highest botanical garden;

And Elizabeth Black taught us how to help fight carbon loss.

GCD members worked tirelessly in Lainie’s Cutting Garden this year. GCD flower arrangers, 24 strong, created 106 arrangements throughout last summer for the Waring House and visitors’ center.

Planning began for GCD hosting the 2018 GCA Conservation Study Trip and the 2019 Shirley Meneice Conference.

GCD’s work and accomplishments were well represented this year in ConWatch and in the GCA Bulletin.

2018 During 2018 we expanded on our theme of “Loving the Garden”, from our national parks to our own backyard, truly a standout year.

We kicked off the year with a trip Behind the Adobe Walls in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Twenty-four adventurous GCD and Broadmoor members toured gardens, including the young-but- impressive Santa Fe Botanic Garden, learned to cook Native American cuisine and sampled margaritas. A cocktail party given in our honor by the Santa Fe Garden Club filled us with delight and gratitude.

Our cutting garden volunteers and organizers produced another kaleidoscope of color to delight DBG visitors. GCD volunteer flower arrangers cut from the garden with abandon. The arrangements for the Waring House, Visitors’ Center and the Information Desk, showcased our creativity and the garden bounty. What a simple, beautiful way to connect people with plants! The Plant Sale Preview Party allowed our club to contribute to the success of a signature event. The Fete des Fleurs was a gratifying collaboration of design expertise, arrangement execution and love of creation. Decorating again this year the Romanic Garden for the Blossoms of Light festival was a fun-filled morning. Our club members donated over 620 hours to the DBG, from Mt. Goliath to flower arranging to the cutting garden to the plant sale to board and committee meetings.

We collaborated with The Byers-Evans House to invigorate the historic house garden. The redesigned entrance patio was completed in time for the October debut of the Center for Colorado Women’s History at Byers-Evans.

Our Centennial Celebration Project with History Colorado continued with a teacher feedback survey on the usefulness and impact of our suite of educational tools for teaching about the national parks and monuments of Colorado. The feedback led to the design and printing of 40,000 stickers, printed with a simplified classroom map, highlighting the four national parks of Colorado.

3rd and 4th grade students all over Colorado will proudly display these stickers on water bottles, computers, backpacks, etc.

GCD chaired the badge committee for the 2018 GCA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Over a dozen volunteers were at the meeting, contributing time, talent and treasure to make it a Zone XII-led smashing success.

Our programs this year educated and entertained:

In September Mike Bone, DBG Horticulturalist, explained in- depth the Steppe Garden, followed by a walking tour through this spectacular addition to the DBG; Peter Hatch, Director of Gardens and Grounds Emeritus for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation (Monticello) enchanted an overflow audience in Mitchell Hall (including our fellow GCA club, The Broadmoor Garden Club); In November we learned more than we ever thought we could about plastics from Dr. Mike SanClements, author of Plastic Purge. Fantasy Orchids filled Gates Hall in January with gorgeous orchids, accompanied by an excellent lecture on how to make an orchid thrive in Colorado. An excellent program in March showcased the GCA Scholarship Program, with a lecture by Allysa Albertson McAlexander, Colorado GCA scholar. Debbie Stockstill, GCA Floral Design Judge demystified the flower shop with tips and tricks. Michael Forsberg, Senior Fellow, International League of Conservation Photographers overwhelmed the audience in Mitchell Hall with is stunning photographs and captivating lecture on the importance of place, rivers and wildlife. A May lecture, “Herbal Allies: Plants for Guidance, Wisdom and Protection” by Blake Burger, DBG Horticulturalist, left us inspired.

Planning continued in earnest for the GCA 2018 Conservation Study Trip and for the 2019 Shirley Meneice Conference.

GCA publications and Channel 9 News highlighted our works and contributions to Denver.

2019 The Garden Club of Denver (GCD), one of the 200-member clubs of the Garden Club of America (GCA), is celebrating its 102nd year of existence. As usual, the GCD members had a busy, fulfilling and productive year.

Denver Botanic Gardens:

Garden Club of Denver is also marking its 56th year of involvement with Denver Botanic Gardens. Garden Club of Denver and the Denver Botanic Gardens enjoy a strong, collaborative relationship, based on the shared understanding of the importance of Denver Botanic Gardens as a cultural asset in the Denver metro area. Of note, all the Garden Club of Denver members are also members of Denver Botanic Gardens and several sit on the Denver Botanic Gardens Board in an emeritus or life trustee position. Our club is proud of all that our members do with the Gardens including but not limited to our Club’s civic support of Denver Botanic Gardens, our Board involvement and our volunteer hours.

Beginning in June of 2018, the Lainie Jackson Cutting Garden organizers, Genie Waters, Linda Zinn and DBG’s Loddie Dolinski, organized dozens of Garden Club of Denver members to plant, stake, deadhead, and replant (thanks to the voracious DBG rabbits) a beautiful annual garden designed to delight visitors.

The Cutting Garden also provided floral material for the weekly arrangements created by yet more Garden Club of Denver members. These arrangements for the Waring House, Visitors’ Center and the Information Desk, showcased the creativity of Debbie Davis and her dedicated group of Garden Club of Denver floral designers.

Debbie Davis, Nan Procknow and Cora Sexton Wheeler along with Garden Club of Denver’s floral designers once again created the arrangements for Fete des Fleurs this year.

Amy Godfrey, Jennifer Mandelson and Linda Zinn (once again with the aid of Loddie Dolinski) organized Garden Club of Denver members to decorate the pots in the Romantic Garden for Blossoms of Light

Members of our club volunteered to help with (and did some serious shopping as well) at the Plant Sale Preview Party in May 2019.

Finally, Garden Club of Denver proposed Brian Vogt, CEO of DBG to receive the Cynthia Pratt Laughlin Medal for outstanding achievement in environmental protections and the maintenance of quality of life. Brian received this medal at the 2019 GCA Annual meeting. GCD members Ann Crammond, Missy Eliot and Suellen White attended the dinner held in honor of the medalists.

2018-2019 Monthly programs:

Garden Club of Denver met once a month from September to June and the programs included:

1. September – Debra Prinzing speaking on the emerging trends in    flower design.

2. October – Brian Vogt discussing water harvesting.

3.November – Amy Yarger speaking on pollinators.

4. December was our annual greens workshop led by the GCD Floral Design committee

5. January – Marcia Tatro lectures on creating magical moon gardens.

6. February – Meryl H-Koski taught about botanical illustration.

7. March – Scott Dressel-Martin lectured and gave a workshop on plant portraits.

8. April – Liz Walker discussed the scenic Colorado highways.

9. May – Patti O’Neal gave a program titled, “What made my plants go bad?”

10. June – GCD held its annual Flower show and meeting at Racoon Creek.

The above was supplanted with workshops and filed trips coordinated by the individual committees within GCD.

Involvement with GCA:

The 2018-2019 year was unusual in that two GCA Committees picked Denver as the location of their workshops. The first was the 2018 Conservation Study Trip in September of 2018. Over 40 GCA members from all over the country came to Denver and were treated to a wonderful series of events and workshops. The conference was chaired by two members of GCD, Deborah Foy and Cindy Scott, who led a committee of GCD and Broadmoor Garden Club members. The Committee planned lectures, dinners, pre and post trips that delighted all the participants.

In October of 2018, the GCA Floral Design committee hosted its annual Floral Design Study Workshop in Denver as well. Seven members of the GCD attended the workshop and learned about the newest trends in floral design from Daniel Santamaria. Other members helped coordinate dinners and tours for all the participants.

In March, several intrepid and weather worthy GCD members went to Kearney Nebraska as part of “GCA on the Road” to watch the sandhill crane migration.

Finally, the Shirley Meneice Committee continued to plan and put the finishing touches on what promises to be a wonderful Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference in September 2019.

GCD Membership: At the June GCD Annual meeting, the club welcomed three new 2019-2020 apprentices and one new affiliate to the membership and voted the 2018-2019 apprentices into active membership.

2020 Celebrating its 103rd year of existence and its 100th year of membership in the Garden Club of America, the Garden Club of Denver started the year by hosting the Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference September 9th through the 13th including both a pre and a post trip for attendees. Over 250 GCA members attended from all over the country as well as the conference’s namesake, Shirley Meneice. The conference was held at Denver Botanic Gardens’ York Street and Chatfield Farms locations. The conference was a huge success, thanks to both the tremendous GCD SMHC committee, chaired by Nancy Schotters, and the always inspiring team at Denver Botanic Gardens.

During the summer of 2019, the Lainie Jackson Cutting Garden organizers, Genie Waters, Linda Zinn and DBG’s Loddie Dolinski, continued to organize dozens of Garden Club of Denver members to plant, stake, deadhead a beautiful annual garden designed both visitors to the gardens and the SMHC attendees.

The Cutting Garden also provided floral material for the weekly arrangements created by yet more Garden Club of Denver members. These arrangements for the Waring House, Visitors’ Center and the Information Desk, showcased the creativity of Debbie Davis and her dedicated group of Garden Club of Denver floral designers.

Debbie Davis, Nan Procknow and Cora Sexton Wheeler along with Garden Club of Denver’s floral designers once again created the arrangements for Fete des Fleurs this year.

Jennifer Mandelson led a group of Garden Club of Denver members to once again decorate the Romantic Gardens with dried plant material to be enjoyed by visitors to Blossoms of Light.

2019-2020 Monthly programs:

Garden Club of Denver met once a month from October 2019 through March 2020 and the programs included:

October – Sarah Davis discussing Urban Forestry

November – Stephania Van Dyke discussing the Monet exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

December – Annual Greens Workshop led by the GCD Floral Design Committee.

January – Dave Showalter showed photos of the “New West” and discussed related conservation topics.

February – Carolyn Bennett discussed putting gardens to bed for the season.

March – GCD hosted an open meeting for the community. David Guggenheim presented “Lessons from the Deep – What the Oceans Are Telling Us and Why It Matters.

The above was supplanted with workshops and field trips coordinated by the individual committees within GCD.

And then ….. COVID 19. GCD suspended all future meetings and workshops for the balance of the 2019-2020 year.


Just before the pandemic hit, on February 20, 2020, the Garden Club of Denver hosted a silent auction and dinner to benefit Denver Botanic Gardens. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of both GCD members and friends, the fundraiser netted $70,000 that was donated to Denver Botanic Gardens.

Involvement with GCA:

In addition to hosting the 2019 Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference, several GCD members served in other roles within the GCA. Cindy Scott and Suellen White both served on the GCA Conservation Committee, Nancy Schotters served on the GCA Horticulture Conference, Lindsay Dodge served as Chairman of the Archives Committee and Missy Eliot served on the GCA Finance Committee

GCD Membership: Virtually through a Doodle poll, the GCD welcomed three new 2020-2021 apprentices and voted the 2019-2020 apprentices into active membership.